Homo Climbtastic on DPM

Jun 11

Well, hello there DPM readers.

Perhaps you’re wondering, why is Homo Climbtastic on Dead Point Magazine? Perhaps you’re wondering, WTF is Homo Climbtastic?

Well, yer editors over at DPM asked us to post some of our climbing blog highlights onto their web site. So read our DPM-hosted blog to see some of our cherry-picked homosexualized climbing blogs, or if that’s not enough, click on over to www.homoclimbtastic.com to access the entire HC universe. You don’t have to be gay, bi, lesbian, trans, queer, queerish, gay-ish, or something similar (-ish) to enjoy it, you just need the desire to read the only climbing blog on the internet that will prompt you to clear your internet history.

See you there.

-Homo Climbtastic

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